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The Assumption School Annual Fund

What is The Assumption School Fund?

The Assumption School Fund gives parents, faculty and staff, graduates, parishioners, and friends the opportunity to invest in every aspect of Assumption School.  The commitment to the Assumption School Fund enhances the educational opportunities we provide today’s students who will be tomorrow’s graduates.

Why is the Assumption School Fund Necessary?

Because tuition does not fully fund the cost of an Assumption School education, we need the support of the entire Assumption School family to help assure we continue to provide our students with an outstanding Catholic elementary school experience.

How can we invest in Assumption School?

Members of the Assumption School family can make a commitment at any time.  We will recognize commitments each year in our Annual Report.

Why not use fundraisers rather than solicit gifts?

While the money previously generated through fundraisers supported the school’s current operating needs, these activities really revolved around items and not the life of the school.  We are focusing more on mission-oriented philanthropic efforts that assure that every dollar that members of the Assumption School family stay at the school.

Is my donation tax deductible?

YES!  The Assumption School Annual Fund provides opportunities for parents, faculty and staff, graduates, parishioners, and friends to support the school’s mission at a level they feel comfortable and is tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law.

Do I have to make my entire investment today?

Investors in the Assumption School Fund can fulfill their annual commitment anytime before June 30, 2012.  Installment giving provides each donor an opportunity to maximize his or her investment by scheduling commitments in convenient increments.

What are matching gifts?

Some employer benefits include matching gift programs. Often, the employer will match gifts made to educational institutions by an employee on a 1:1, 2:1, or 3:1 basis.  In our Annual Report, we will give full credit to the donor for any investment they make as well as any match from their employer.

Matching gifts are a wonderful way to increase your investment in Assumption School as well as join a higher gift society.  For example a gift of $250.00 from a donor matched by their employer on a 1:1 basis for an additional $250.00 will credit the donor with a $500.00 gift to the school. Ask your employer about a matching gift program and forward the company form, along with your gift.  We will do the rest.